World Asteroid Day 2022: 6 Must-Watch Asteroid-themed Movies

Every year, June 30 is identified as World Asteroid Day. If you like watching movies on asteroids, here are 6 movies you cannot you cannot afford to miss on World Asteroid Day, 2022.

On June 30, the entire world observes Global Asteroid Day. The United Nations has sanctioned this day as World Asteroid Day to increase public awareness on the massive impacts of asteroids on our planet. Observing this day is significant as it is a way of educating the masses on the potential risks of asteroids as well as the opportunities in this field.

The co-founders of World Asteroid Day were Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9 astronaut), Grig Richters (filmmaker), Danica Remy (B612 Foundation President) and Dr. Brian May (reputed musician and astrophysicist). The intended to spread knowledge to the general public about the important role asteroids played in the formation of our solar system. Why is June 30 observed as World Asteroid Day? June 30 witnessed the biggest incident of asteroid impact on our planet till date.

Asteroids and space elements have always captivated the inhabitants of earth. Space-themed movies always attract the audience to the theatres. So, these have been a recurring theme in many super-hit movies. Here are some of the most entertaining films to watch on this genre on World Asteroid Day 2022:

World Asteroid Day

  1. Meteor- Ronald Neame directed this movie in 1979 in which the United States join hands with the USSR to combat a massive asteroid about to hit planet earth. Sean Connery, Karl Malden and Natalie Wood acted in this movie.
  2. Armageddon- The 1998 movie has terrific actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, and Bruce Willis. In this movie, NASA’s most remarkable team work together to stop an incoming asteroid with the power to destroy earth.
  3. Judgment Day- Mario Van Peebles won everyone’s hearts with his performance in this movie as the only savior who saves the entire human race from the attack of a huge meteor which would have collided with planet earth.
  4. Don’t Look Up- Don’t Look Up released last year, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence. Directed by Adam McKay, the movie has as its theme an incoming comet which is about to destroy the earth.
  5. Asteroid- Bradford May directed this sci-fi thriller and it tells the story about the sudden discovery of an impending doom- as asteroid approaching our planet. What will the US Government do?
  6. Deep Impact- Directed by Mimi Leder and released in 1998, the film shows the human race gearing up as the worst is going to happen: a powerful comet approaching the earth.

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