International Literacy Day 2022 on 8th Sept: History, Theme, Significance

International Literacy Day 2022: 8th September is observed as International Literacy Day every year. Celebrating this day globally is essential as it intends to increase awareness in people about the major role that literacy plays in every person’s life and how it benefits communities and the society. On International Literacy Day 2022, stay tuned to this post on Money Niyantran till the end to know all about this auspicious day and its importance. Follow us for latest news updates anytime, anywhere.


History of International Literacy Day 2022

Find out the history of this special day on International Literacy Day 2022. The World Conference of Ministers of Education took place in Tehran in 1956 in which it was discussed that a Global Literacy Day is essential. In 1996, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) recognized Sept 8 as International Literacy Day. This day reminds us of the significance of literacy to lead a dignified life and the need to build literate and sustainable societies.

Theme of International Literacy Day 2022

The theme of International Literacy Day 2022 is ‘Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces.’ As per UNESCO, it will give us all a chance to rethink the necessity of literacy learning spaces to build resilience as well as ensure quality, inclusive and equitable education for everyone. According to a survey report, almost 24 million learners might not return to school ever after the global pandemic.

International Literacy Day 2022

Why do we celebrate International Literacy Day?

Literacy is the ability of an individual to read and write and is an essential tool to build a better, sustainable society. As per UNESCO’s research, achieving literacy worldwide still remains a major challenge even in the 21st century. Presently, the number of illiterates in the world is 771 million. Among these, most candidates are women who face enhanced vulnerability because of their inability to write and read. On International Literacy Day 2022, let us all pledge in contributing to overcome the existing literacy challenge.

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