Domestic LPG price hike: Cooking gas becomes costlier by Rs 50 per 14.2 kg cylinder

While the price of commercial gas has reduced in June, the cost of domestic LPG in India rises yet another time. From 6th July, 2021, a 14.2 kg of LPG cylinder will cost Rs. 50 more than the previous price at New Delhi.

Adding to the miseries of a common man already perplexed with inflation, now the price of domestic Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been increased by Rs 50. This is the eighth time IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited) has raised the rate of LGP in the past 1 year. A domestic cylinder weighing 5 kg will now cost Rs 18. On the other hand, commercial cylinder becomes slightly cheaper as the govt. has reduced the price for a 19 kg by Rs 8.5.

The recent rise in domestic LPG price comes few months after Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister of India, asserted that beneficiaries of Ujjwala scheme will get a subsidy of Rs. 200 per domestic LPG cylinder for a maximum of 12 times per year. This gives some relief to the common man to deal with the ever-increasing price of cooking gas.

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Is the price of domestic LPG same everywhere?

The price of an LPG cylinder is not the same all over India. The cost varies from state to state based on the transportation costs and VAT of the region. After the revision in today’s price, the price of domestic LPG in Delhi is now Rs. 1,053. In the past one year, in the national capital of India, domestic cylinder’s price has hiked up from Rs. 834 to Rs. 1,003. In Kolkata, the cost is the highest, at Rs. 1,079. In Mumbai and Chennai today’s rate is Rs. 1,052 and Rs. 1,068 respectively.

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