Monkeypox in India: How fast is it spreading? Should Indians worry?

Latest updates on Monkeypox in India: India’s second monkeypox case has been detected in Kerala. The centre instructs all airport officials for strict screening of all International passengers. How does this disease spread and is there a reason for Indians to panic? Read the complete article to know all about it.

Just five days after the detection of the first infection case of Monkeypox in India, on Monday, Kerala reported the second Monkeypox infection case of India. The infected is a 31-year-old citizen from Kannur district in Kerala and he is under treatment. The infected returned to India on 13th July from Dubai and his samples were tested at NIV Pune. He is currently hospitalized at Pariyaram Medical College and is stable. Everyone who came in close contact with him in the past week have been kept under surveillance.


Strict screening at International airports to stop spread of Monkeypox in India

As there is increasing concern among citizens of a dangerous outbreak of monkeypox in India, India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare assures the public that the government is taking necessary steps to keep the disease from spreading in India. Strict screening will be followed at entry points in all ports and airports, says the Ministry: “State, airport and port health officers have been advised to ensure health screening of all international travellers to minimize the risk of importation of Monkeypox disease.”

How does monkeypox spread?

Experts are of the opinion that monkeypox can spread only through close contact and therefore, there is no reason to panic. We can prevent the disease by understanding its transmission history. The health protection agency of America, CDC or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention states that monkeypox spreads only through direct contact and it causes blister-like lesions along with symptoms of flu. A foetus can also get it from the mother through the placenta. Infected animals can also be the carriers of monkeypox and infect a person by biting or scratching him. It can also be transmitted during sexual intercourse.

Is monkeypox in India a cause of concern?

monkeypox in India

Medical experts have urged Indian citizens to remain calm as monkeypox is primarily a self-limiting ailment and leaves no permanent harmful effects on the health of the infected. Dr. Shahid Jameel assures Indian citizens that monkeypox can’t be transmitted by air and thus it is in our hands to limit the spread.

How to protect yourself from Monkeypox virus?

As per WHO’s guidelines, we can reduce the chances of getting infected by avoiding contact with anyone who is suspected of having monkeypox. Secondly, we should disinfect and thoroughly clean places that could have been contaminated by an infected person. If you are detected with monkeypox in India, immediately isolate yourself and seek medical help.

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