Live updates on China Taiwan tension: 11 missiles fired; Japan warns China

Live updates on China Taiwan tension: The dispute between Taiwan and China is increasingly becoming more serious. There are reports that the Chinese army has commenced military operations in the border areas around Taiwan. Read the complete article and latest world news on Money Niyantran to know all about the current situation in the China Taiwan tension.


Nancy Pelosi’s solidarity visit to Taiwan increased China Taiwan tension

The Defense Ministry of Taiwan has confirmed that on late Thursday their troops opened fire to ward off a total of four drones that were spotted flying over the Kinmen Islands, which is located just off the southeast coast of China. China has begun a major military mission in reaction to a visit by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi is the US House Representatives Speaker and as China learnt about her Taiwan visit, China became more violent and began a siege in the border regions. Continue reading this article on Money Niyantran to find out about the latest developments in the China Taiwan tension.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has asserted that even if China fired missiles on Thursday, no threat has been posed. In response to a question on public concern, the Ministry said that the missiles haven’t harmed inhabitants of Taiwan in any manner. Due to intelligence concerns, the Ministry hasn’t disclosed the flight path of the Chinese missiles. However, amidst rising China Taiwan tension, the Defense Ministry has confirmed that China has fired 11ballistic missiles into sea around the island. Last time China fired missiles into the sea surrounding the Taiwan Island was in 1996.

Japan claims an immediate stop in China military exercises

Nobuo Kishi, the Foreign Minister of Japan, has given a strict warning to China to immediately halt its aggressive military exercises in regions close to Taiwan. The reason behind Japan’s strict warning is quite reasonable: five of the ballistic missiles fired by the Chinese troops have fallen in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Japan.

China Taiwan Tension “Taiwan will not incite conflict”, says Taiwan’s President

The China Taiwan tension has taken a serious turn. In response to China’s aggressive military activities close to Taiwan’s border, Tsai Ing-wen, the President of Taiwan, has opined that it is against Taiwan’s nature to provoke conflict, but Taiwan will firmly defend its national security and sovereignty.

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