World UFO Day 2022: History, Significance and all you need to know

2nd July is observed as International UFO Day. As the science nerds celebrate World UFO Day 2022, here’s all you need to know about World UFO Day 2022, its history and significance.

Do aliens truly exist or are they simply a figment of our imagination? The very idea of the existence of aliens has intrigued humans for ages, leading to several interesting speculations and theories. Closely linked to this concept is another theory suggesting the existence of UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects. In order to bring attention to these intriguing theories, July 2 is recognized as Global UFO Day. The Day gives space-enthusiasts and explorers to decode, discuss and deduce theories in connection to UFOs.


History of World UFO Day 2022:

In the history of observation of World UFO Day 2022, two events are of particular importance. As per records, the first ever UFO sighting took place in 1947, on 24th June when Kenneth Arnold, an aviator, reported to have noticed something that looked exactly like a flying saucer. This sighting marked the shaping of the UFO stories and speculations, with a disk-like structure being the accepted appearance.

The second big incident confirming the claim of our scientists that UFOs exist occurred on 2nd July in New Mexico’s Roswell. William Brazel, the owner of a ranch, found debris scattered all over his pasture one morning. The incident made it to the front page of every local newspaper in Roswell. This event is significant as it sparked curiosity regarding alien life.

World UFO Day 2022

What is the significance of World UFO Day 2022?

The International UFO Day is extremely significant as it increases awareness in common people about the meaning and theories related to UFOs. Even if there is no solid evidence in support of the two above-mentioned sightings, space enthusiasts around the globe celebrate this day with themed parties and sky-gazing activities.

In a recent incident, the inhabitants of San Diego spotted mysterious lights in the night sky. Social media was full of videos and pictures of the moving lights, leading people to conclude that these lights must have emanated from UFOs. However, the Police Department of San Diego had an alternate explanation to the unusual lights. According to the Police, the flares were nothing but military exercises.

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