LPG Price Today on Sept 1: Commercial LPG price reduces for the fifth time in 5 months

LPG prices reduces: The Central Government has reduced the price of LPG gas cylinder by a whooping amount once again from 1st September, 2022. Does this mean the common man will get some relief from the sky-high cylinder prices? We are here to tell you all you need to know about the new rate of LPG cylinders. So, stay tuned to this post on Money Niyantran till the end to know all about LPG price today.

The state-run oil companies in India determine the LPG price and it’s revised generally on a monthly basis. In the four metro cities of India, there has been a decline in the price of 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder from 1st Sept, 2022. With this reduce in price, the input cost of restaurants and hotels will be reduced and prices of food in hotels and restaurants is likely to get reduced. What is the LPG price today for 19 kg cylinder in your city?


LPG Price Today: Commercial Gas Becomes Less Expensive

It is true that the govt. has lessened the rate of each LPG cylinder and the revised prices will be applicable from today. However, this latest price cut is only for LPG’s commercial cylinders. As far as the expenses on domestic LPG is concerned, there will be no revision in rates.

As per IOCL’s website, the rate of Commercial Gas Cylinders has reduced for the fifth consecutive month in the four cities, namely, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. The prices have lessened by Rs. 91.5, Rs. 92.50, Rs. 100 and Rs. 96 in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai respectively. So, LPG price today for a commercial gas cylinder weighing 19 kg is Rs. 1885, Rs. 1844, Rs. 1995.50, and Rs. 2045 in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai respectively.

LPG price

Prices have reduced multiple times in the past five months

Since June, the price of commercial gas has been showing a downward trend. As the decline in price is only for commercial cylinders, the rate of a domestic cylinder remains as it was. There is no report on discussion regarding the decline in the price of domestic cylinders in the near future. So, households in India must continue to deal with the brunt of insanely high prices.

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