1 must read Cool Smartphone Hack: Mobile App that Works Like a Spy Camera

Cool smartphone hack: We all know that hidden cameras are great gadgets used to spy. Presently, there are many excellent cameras available in the market to serve this purpose. But today we’ll share a cool smartphone hack with you. Did you know that there is also a mobile application that can work as your spy camera? Stay tuned to this post on Money Niyantran till the end to find out all about the great app and visit our website for such interesting updates.


Cool smartphone hack: best apps to spy

Do you have any such app on your phone that can secretly record videos? If you wish to secretly capture something without letting others know, then you don’t need spend money on to buying a spy camera anymore. Downloading an app from Play Store will serve your purpose. Are you curious to know the name of the app and how it works?

We will tell you all about the best app with spy cameras which will not let the people around you realize that you are taking a video. Even if your phone will appear switched off, the app will do its work and keep recording. Many people are already taking advantage of this cool smartphone hack and they have reviewed it as the most impressive spy camera app ever.

What is the name of the Spy Camera App on Play Store?

cool smartphone hack
Cool smartphone hack

People who are using the app have confirmed that the audio quality and the video quality are also quite nice. ‘Happy Bees & Screen Voice Recorder & Video Music Editor’ has introduced this app on play store. You can download this app by simply typing ‘Super Screen Recorder- REC Video Record, Screenshot.’ The rating of this app is 4.5 stars and the special thing about it is that even if you turn off the display, the recording won’t be paused. Isn’t that amazing? There is only one drawback of this app, it comes with frequent full screen ads that can bother you.

There is another app named the Background Video Recorder that allows smartphone users to record videos with the help of the background preview. With just one click, you can begin recording videos on BVR, another cool smartphone hack.

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