Google Doodle pays tribute to Anne Frank on the 75th anniversary of her ‘diary’ on Holocaust

June 25, Saturday, marks the 75th anniversary of ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank, a Holocaust victim and a teenage diarist. Google Doodle honors the sufferings of Anne Frank, her family, and millions of Jews who were all united by one tragic fate – the Holocaust.

Anne Frank, a teenage diarist, was a victim of the Holocaust, one of the darkest chapters of History in which 6 million Jews were slaughtered between 1941 and 1945 by the Nazis. Her diary, written between 1912 and 1914 when she was in exile, gives glimpses of her life and the socio-political scenario in Germany. Hoping that it would get published once the war ends, she consolidated her day-to-day experiences in the manner of a story and titled it ‘The Secret Annex/ Her Achterhuis.

Many movies have been made on the war and its horrors, especially the unfair killing of the Jews. But Anne’s diary, published posthumously is one of the world’s most widely read fiction books and is often used to enlighten children on the horrors of the Jews’ massacre.

Anne Frank

On Saturday, Google shared a doodle video showing moments from the girl’s life as depicted in her memoir to commemorate the 75th publication anniversary of the book – The Diary of a Young Girl. The doodle also represented what would have been Anne’s Frank’s 93rd birthday this year on June 12, had she not died at a tender age in a concentration camp.

Thoka Maer, art director of Google Doodle, deserves credit for creating those doodles. The German illustrator believes it is her responsibility as a German citizen to preserve the grim memory of Holocaust through her doodle in order to pay tribute to the millions of innocent Jews who were killed mercilessly by the Nazis.

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