28th July is  celebrated as World Nature Day globally. This day gives us a chance to understand the world’s biodiversity so that we can all take simple steps to reduce waste and conserve nature.

World Nature Conservation Day is a yearly event meant to educate people on the essentiality of nature conservation and the steps we can take in that direction.

As World Nature Conservation Day raises public awareness on the importance of conserving nature, it helps in protecting the biodiversity of planet Earth.

World Nature Conservation Day also promotes sustainable development by taking active steps to lessen pollution in the environment.

Celebrating this day is important as it raises awareness on the necessity to conserve nature and the wildlife.

As inhabitants of this planet, it is our responsibility to make the world livable for all. Each one of us has a key role to play in maintaining our planet and being kind to nature.

Say ‘yes’ to simple lifestyle changes like taking the public transport, not littering, not wasting energy, and refraining from using plastic.

You can also make donations to any conservation organization committed to safeguarding the laws of nature. Or you can become a citizen scientist, actively participate in field surveys.

On World Nature Conservation Day 2022, let us take a vow to be more sensitive towards plants and animals  and leave a nurturing environment for future generations.