The Multiverse Saga: Marvel Phase 5 upcoming exciting movies


The audience couldn’t get enough of Loki and so the season 2 will be premiered on Disney+ Hotstar in 2023.

Captain America: A New Order 

Sam Wilson will sweep fans off their feet yet another time as the new Captain America on 3rd May, 2024.  


The widely-watched series on a female superhero character will arrive at Disney+ Hotstar in 2023 


Who wouldn't love to see more of Lady Hulk? You can watch this series on Disney+ Hotstar post August 17, 2022.


This movie will have Mahershala Ali performing the lead character and will be released on 3rd November, 2023.  

Guardians of the Galaxy

· The film, on another mind-blowing cosmic adventure featuring the guardians of the galaxy will be released in theatres on 5th May, 2023.

Avengers: Secret Wars 

The Multiverse Saga’s most popular movies, Avengers will come back again in 2025’s November to entertain the audience.