World Indigenous Day is a global event celebrated annually on 9th August as an attempt by nations to uplift the tribal communities. On World Indigenous Day 2022, here's everything you need to know.

Presently, the number of tribal people inhabiting the planet is 37 crore. And the tribal population of the world is constantly threatened by modern people and modern civilization.

As each year witnesses the wiping out of more forests, the tribal people suffer. So, on World Indigenous Day, it is high time to become sensitive towards the problems faced by tribal people

History of World Tribal Day:  The proposal to observe a World Indigenous Day was put forward for the first time in the United Nations General Assembly in December 1994.

The theme for World Indigenous Day 2022 is quite unique: The Role of Indigenous Women in Conservation and the Transmission of Traditional Knowledge.”

Tribal communities and their traditional cultures allow us to connect with our roots. Ancient communities have perfected their existential strategies over centuries and have found cure to ailments.

Apart from the necessity to preserve their natural habitat, indigenous languages and lifestyles, their philosophies and spiritual practices should equally be treasured by humanity.