Unique and interesting facts about tigers

July 29 is Global Tiger Day, a day dedicated to protecting tigers from potential threats and providing these attractive creatures a safe and nurturing environment.

On 2022’s International Tiger Day, we will share with you some unique facts about the beautiful and ferocious beast, the endangered big cat.

1. Of all the wild cat species on Earth, tigers are the largest. A full-grown male tiger’s average weight is 300 kg, which is the collective weight of 5 average human beings.

2. Tigers are excellent swimmers. These gorgeous residents of the wilderness love to spend time in water, swimming for hrs. In 1 day an adult tiger can swim 30 kms.

3. The saliva of tigers has antiseptic properties. The saliva of tiger is rich in lysozyme enzymes which effectively heals wounds.

4. Tigers are nocturnal creatures and they love to hunt at night. The primary reason behind this is that they like to explore their territory in the dark.

5. Here’s the most hilarious fact about tigers: the aroma of their urine smells exactly like buttered popcorn.

6. Tigers are known for their impressive running speed. They have strong limbs, enabling them to spring at 65 kmph.

7. India is the country with the largest population of tigers in the world and it home to more than 3000 tigers of different types.