Bimbisara Movie Review:  Is It Worth Watching? 

Bimbisara Movie Review:  Is It Worth Watching? 

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Nandumuri Kalyan Ram’s latest movie, Bimbisara. You have to read this review beore you watch the movie in the theatre.

The movie is based on the life of Bimbisara, the ruthless and cruel king of Trigartala. Devadatta, his twin brother, is benevolent and kind.

How does Bimbisara adjust in the technologically advanced, modern world of today? Well, that is what the story is all about.

Kalyan Ram is undoubtedly the main attraction in the movie. He proves his caliber as a versatile actor yet another time as he plays two opposite characters in Bimbisara.

The storyline is gripping and it holds the attention of the audience throughout the movie. However, the antagonist could have been shown as more powerful to enhance the thrill of viewers.

In Bimbisara, his dream project, Vassishta makes his debut as a director. He has selected an exciting folklore as the background story and given a modern twist to add some drama.

The Bimbisara Movie Review remains incomplete without mentioning the enthralling music. The veteran musician MM Keeravani has provided the music for this movie and all songs are melodious.

So, Bimbisara is a good one-time watch with lots of action and full of drama. If you are a fan of Kalyan Ram, you will definitely enjoy watching it.